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Januar 2011
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Here we go folks! As a surprise for the users of our board and all other idjits out there we did an interview with Supernatural's Jim Beaver. He was sweet as usual ;). Thank's Jim
Interview by
Manuela Schulte (BezzyLB) and Gaby Eichberger (angelinchains)
So we all know Bobby has a thing for Tory Spelling. What's Jim's guilty pleasure?

Besides beautiful women who speak German? Hmmm. Probably something presumably childish, like Three Stooges movies. Unless you mean *really* guilty....
Supernatural has an incredible, dedicated and supportive fan base. Have you ever experienced anything like this before?

The closest I've ever come to experiencing a fan base like Supernatural's was my wife's time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I used to attend conventions and events with her, and the intensity of the fan love for her and the show was astonishing. But it's never been directed at me or a show I was on in that way until Supernatural.
What will you miss the most when Supernatural comes to a close one day?

Having a job! No, jobs come and go. But the family that makes Supernatural is something I dread losing. I love the people who work on Supernatural so much. I've been there years and I'm still getting to know some of them, but all in all, it's one of the treasures of my life, to have been privileged to work with these particular people. The fact that I live in California and most of them live in Canada makes the prospect even harder. I hope that day is a long way off.
Tell us a secret about your Supernatural colleagues. Please! ;)

A secret? Hmmm. I don't think I know any secrets. I've really tried to think of one, but I can't come up with anything. Maybe I should sneak around outside their trailer windows more than I do.
The new storyline for Season 6 has split the diehard fans down the middle. There are fans who love it, and others who haven't really adjusted to the changes. What's your opinion on the direction the show is heading?

I'm extremely excited about the new direction. I know a good deal about where it's going and I'm very enthusiastic about it. Fans should keep in mind that (a.) the original 5-year arc was the product of years of planning, while the new arc wasn't completely expected and is finding its shape in a different and less leisurely manner, and (b.) sometimes, as Edward Albee wrote in "The Zoo Story," you have to go a long way out of the way in order to come back directly. I can't count the times I've gotten 50 or 100 pages into a book and thought, "I don't get it, where's this going?," only to feel at the end that I'd been on a magical voyage. Evaluate the season as a whole, not just from the first course.
Before "Appointment in Samarra" aired, there have been some spoilers leaked and they were talking about a "hefty price". After reading the official synopsis some fans were concerned it might be Bobby! Thank god he got away okay ;)


Well, it's always good to worry! But while Bobby has some major turns ahead, I'd be surprised if a dirt nap was one of them.


On December the 10th the last episode aired before the hiatus. You know the fans are dying for more spoilers! Would you humor us by giving away just a little something, to alleviate the long wait caused by the break? A lot of fans are concerned it will end very badly for Bobby and the Boys.


How long have you been watching this show? Has it ever ended "very badly" for them? Actually, I think things are getting brighter for the two brothers. At least temporarily. As for Bobby? Well, like I said, some big turns are coming for him.


Episode "Weekend at Bobby's" was all about Bobby's "Weekend activities". Did some of the ideas for that episode come from you, or was it all directly from the writer's pins?

That was all the wonderful work of the writers. Oh, they may have heard me complaining about the lack of romance in Bobby's life and decided to play with that a little, but I never suggested a storyline like that one or any of the ideas that were in it. I don't need to work that hard. We've got great writers to do that.
Would you say that playing the part of Bobby Singer has been your most challenging role to date?

No, not at all. Bobby fits like a glove. I find it easy to slip into his persona. There have been difficult *scenes*, things that weren't easy to play. But the role is like a favorite jacket. I slide into it and feel very much at ease.  
One major reason for being a "fans' favourite" is, that you're always very dedicated to them. At Conventions you're always taking your time to talk, hug & kiss (remember the you tube video I've shown you?) instead of rushing through the crowd. Unfortunately, the prices for conventions in general are increasing every year and due do this these events are no longer affordable for a lot of fans. Conventions were supposed to be events "for the fans". Do you think it's still that way or do you think times have changed?

I really don't know. I suspect that some of the logistics of holding a convention have gotten more expensive with the economic downturn. Perhaps some of the convention guests are getting increasing fees. I don't know--actors almost never talk money with each other, but I know I still get pretty much what I got for my first conventions. I have never paid much attention to any of the economics of running a convention, so I had no idea that prices were changing or why.
How do you choose your parts in movies/series aside from the aspects of time and money?

I have very little choice in what parts I'll take, if time and money are left out of the equation. I am somewhat typecast, within a broad range, by which I mean I get offered a lot of gruff, rural types, lots of law-enforcement types (or I did before my Deadwood/Supernatural beard days), and I very rarely get offers outside that range. I don't have the power to make people see me differently, or to insist upon a different type role. When I reject something over an issue that isn't about time or money, it's usually because it's badly written or it's something I find personally unappealing. I don't mind playing a killer or a sexual predator or a reactionary political demagogue, but I would probably not accept a project that *celebrated* such a person's agenda.
In your book "Life's That Way" you give huge insights to your personal life. When did you decide to write a book, and to be so candid about your personal life?

The book was largely written before I decided to write it! As a daily journal of a period of intense difficulty, it was well under way before I began to see that it might have a life beyond being just a daily email to family and friends. The candidness is just part of my nature, I suppose. While I'm basically shy and very private, under the right circumstances I've always found myself able to reveal the depths of my heart. What was going on during the days I wrote about was so powerful, so difficult, that I thought it was an utter waste of time if I wasn't completely honest about it. Or as honest as I could possibly manage. The whole point of the book, even before it was a book, was to get past the euphemistic way we as a species treat difficult things, the way we hide how deeply they affect us. I believe that sunlight cleanses and eases our way down the path. Keeping things in shadow is detrimental to growth.



Putnam Adult
Webseite - LIFE'S THAT WAY
Again, thank you very much, Jim. Oh, we almost forgot to ask: Beer or Pina Colada? ;)

Pina Colada! (Oh, the trouble I've gotten in with Pina Coladas!)


The all new episode of Supernatural Season 6 - 6.12 Like A Virgin - airs on January 28th, 2011, at 9/8 c on CW


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